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Tsugami FOR SALE:

 2000 Tsugami BO12B, LIII SwissTurn - Swiss Style CNC, Live Tooling, with FEDEK 12 Foot Bar-Feeder


GENERAL SPEC.  Tsugami BO12B Type III, Swiss Turn CNC



  Max Diameter Bar Capacity 0.5"
  Max Machining Length 6.7"
  Main Spindle Motor 3 HP
  Main Spindle Speed 200 - 8000 RPM
  Main Spindle Indexing .001 Degrees
  Number of Tools 13
         Turning Tools 5
         Live Tools 2
         Front End - Working Tools 3
         Backworking Tools 3
  Rapid Traverse Rates  (X/Y/Z) 480 / 708 IPM
  Sub Spindle Motor 0.5 HP
  Sub Spindle Speed 200 - 5,000 RPM
  X1-Axis Travel 1.26"
  Y1-Axis Travel 3.94"
  Z1-Axis Travel 6.7"
  X2-Axis Travel 1.26"
  Max Front Rotary Drilling/Tapping Dia. 4mm / M3 x 0.5
  Max Front Drilling/Tapping Dia. 7mm / M6 x 1
  Max Back Drilling/Tapping Dia. 4mm / M3 x 0.5
  Machine Dimensions (L x W x H) 63" x 36" x 67"
  Machine Weight 4,180 lbs.
  C-Axis Milling Capability on Main Spindle
  Programmable Sub Spindle
  7.2" Monochrome LCD
  Auto Parts Catcher
  (5) Turning Holders
  (2) Cross Milling Holders
  (3) Position Double Drilling Unit
  Fedek 12 ft. Magazine Barfeed

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Tsugami BO12, Swiss Turn CNC Front view

Tsugami Swiss Turn CNC BO12 Front view control

Tsugami BO12, Swiss Turn CNC Tool view

Tsugami BO12, Swiss Turn CNC, inside view of subspindle


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