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Citizen RO4  For Sale:

2003 Citizen RO4, Swiss CNC Sliding Headstock with Subspindle

2003 Citizen R04 Type VI with Cincom System, Fanuc 18iB
  • Simultaneous 3 Axis Control
  • Main Spindle Speed 200 - 20,000 rpm
  • Back Spindle Speed 200 - 10,000 rpm
  • 2 Live Tool Spindle Unit, Spindle Speed 100 - 8,000rpm
  • 1 Extra Milling Spindle - Kavo 100,000 rpm electric
  • Tool Package: QTF4208: 2 Turning Holder for T11 to T12
  • QTF4308: 3 Turning Holder for T21 to T23 (1pc)
  • QTF3003: 5/8" Diameter Sleeve Holder (1pc)
  • QDS407: 5/8" Diameter Sleeve (uses ER8) (2pc)
  • QNS205: 5/8" Diameter & Die Sleeve (1pc)
  • Canned Cycle for Threading, Main
  • Main Spindle Index (15 Deg)
  • Single Point Threading, Main
  • Spindle Synchronous Function, Main, Back

Optional features:
C-F18I-CTZ21-1 - Polygon Function for Fanuc 18i Control
C-R04U4150Z - Open/Close Type Guide Bushing Unit
Note: Required for material .093" and under
Milling Spindle - Kavo 100,000 rpm electric milling spindle with custom tool block (machine also has standard tool block)
Main Spindle 1 Deg Index

Sub Spindle 1 Deg Index
This machine is in excellent condition and can be seen under power.


Can be seen under power and in production

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2003 Citizen RO4 VI  front view 2003 Citizen RO4 VI side view
Citizen RO4 VI inside view Citizen Cincom RO4 VI inside view

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